Sustainable Energy

Our environmentally friendly data centers recycle waste heat from our machines and turn it into cooling, which cuts our carbon footprint by 40% compared to data centers that use only coal-powered electricity for cooling.

Achieving the highest certifications for performance and availability, Polymer Connected data centers leverage their incomparable design to bring businesses state-of-the-art data storage capabilities in Indonesia. With their outstanding power usage effectiveness, our data centers are designed to withstand individual equipment failures or distribution path interruptions to ensure 100% uptime – all day, every day.

From build location to components and devices, we focus on quality over cost to ensure that our data centers are built to last. Our first-rate materials reduce risk of performance interruption and drive down maintenance costs in the long term. We bring the very best to the table without cutting corners to ensure your business’s most valuable asset – its data – is always secure and always available.

Polymer Connected provides one-of-a-kind, exceptional service to our customers. We understand the trips and traps of storing data in the Asia-Pacific region, and our local executives ensure you receive the support and service you need to keep your data secure and accessible at all times.

Transformational design

Every business needs access to a secure place to store their data. The growth in demand for data storage, processing, and connectivity—as well as customers’ expectations for constant availability on demand—are changing the model of data centers around the world. That’s why Polymer Connected exists.

We are focused on meeting the current needs of our customers, as well as constantly looking for new ways to flex and grow in an agile business world.

We want to help your business embrace ongoing digital transformation. We do this by providing truly unique and innovative data center facilities with greater densities, flexible cooling, advanced network connectivity, and reliable power provisions.

Hyperscale for everyone

Innovation and agile business practices are an essential part of business in 2018.

Technology is growing at hyperscale, and our processes need to grow with it. Quantum computing, artificial intelligence, human augmentation, server-free PaaS, and 4-D printing aren’t just reserved for the big players anymore. They are essential for 21st century companies that want to compete in an ever-changing digital marketplace.

Polymer Connected data centers are built to meet those needs and respond to customer demands—both now, and into the future.

Harness green power

With a background in sustainable data center design, lowering environmental impact is at the core of the Polymer Connected philosophy.

We all have a duty to protect our planet, and working out new ways to reduce our carbon footprint only makes us more innovative as a business. From the moment we commence site selection, to the development of ideas and initial design, through to construction and product selection, we focus not just on the facility, but on each element of its effect on the environment.

Our cutting-edge designs also make cooling our data centers more efficient, lowering our power usage and the overall cost. The ongoing green focus of Polymer Connected is part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility—and a critical part of our business model.